The Wolf Up Your Street – Consider Yourself ‘Closed’.

The Wolf Up Your Street – Consider Yourself ‘Closed’.

The Wolf Up Your Street – Consider Yourself Closed.

“What they say about me is true…I’m one of those natural-born salesmen. 

Who can sell ice to an Eskimo, oil to an Arab, pork to a Rabbi, or anything else you can think of.

… my other super-power is to take people from all walks of life, regardless of age, creed, colour , socioeconomic background, educational status and level of natural sales ability and turn that person into a world-class closer.  Almost instantly.”


Jordan Belfort.  Remember him?

The Wolf of Wall Street, played in the film by Leonardo DiCaprio.

That ended badly.

And now, another of his books about The Birth of a Sales System.  Only this time, with the ethics.  Apparently.

“A world-class closer”?

Page 1 of the book & already I’ve switched off.

Let’s, however, get this out-of-the-way at the start.

The Straight Line Sales Method, or any other sales method you care to name, can be very lucrative.

For the sales person.  If they’re that way inclined.

Most sales cultures are manipulative.  Like it or not, a salesperson persuades another to change their perceptions.

My grievance is not with the sales process itself, but with the “world-class closer” appendage that seems mandatory within the training industry.

How about, instead, offering a “world-class opening”?

In order that the close becomes unnecessary.

World-Class Opening

Page 1 should be the opportunity to connect and engage.

Not an opportunity to boast about a skill set.

It’s found in some estate agencies.

The ice-breaking pleasantries over, some agents can’t wait to tell the vendor how many awards their firm has won.

How good they are at getting the best price.  How passionate everybody is at getting buyers to buy.

As Jordan Belfort says: “selling ice to an Eskimo”.

The sales process continues.  Objections, if any, overcome.  And then…….

A world-class close.

Just not in my world.

No wonder everybody hates to be ‘sold’.

Those agents that proclaim to be so passionate about the work might consider this:

“Our passion comes from who we are, not what we sell.”   –   Simon Sinek.

And therein lies the deficiency with sales people.

And by default, with some estate agents.

They’re not telling us ‘who’ they are.

They’re not connecting emotionally.

They’re simply doing their job.

Trying to sell, rather than connect.

Choose between Knight Frank and Savills.  Between Hunters and Dixons.

It’s not easy.

Because the agencies don’t make it easy.

What values do the agencies have, what do they believe?  What is their culture?

Is it any wonder that vendors default to asking about the fee and the valuation?

There are some agencies out there that proclaim their desire to change the face of estate agency.

How do they propose to do that?

Apparently with better service, longer opening hours cheaper fees, clearer communication, more training etc., etc.

All admirable stuff.   But easily replicated.

What is almost impossible to replicate is the individual character of the agent and the culture of the agency.

It can be the sole point of differentiation between many thousands of agencies.

And yet.  Most agencies ignore it.

The Birth of a Sales System is just that.  A system of scripts, targeting and tonalities.

Similar systems flourish in the estate agency sector.

U.S.A firm Keller Williams have developed their cult-like BOLD sales training.

“I’m a money magnet.  I’m a great salesman”

The graduates of most training programmes all sound and look the same.

INSINCERE.  A fake enthusiasm and unable to move off-script.  To connect emotionally.

It’s in their D.N.A.

Just as it’s in the D.N.A of a wolf to chase sheep.

And why it might be appropriate to invest in a sheepdog.

One that can spot a ‘wolf’ when it sees one.

One that can protect the sheep from the ‘wolf’.

It’s not a case of once bitten – twice shy with this ‘wolf’.

I remember a discussion on the Property Industry trade website, some time ago.

About the length of contracts that should be offered to vendors.

One response from an agent with the nom de guerre of Property Paddy was this:

“If they sign up for 26 weeks and they don’t like it – they should have thought of that before they signed”


These agents can seriously damage your wealth and peace of mind, if you can’t spot the ‘wolf’ in sheep’s clothing.

Don’t go bleating to The Property Ombudsman Service if it all ends in tears.

Look instead for an agency that is open, authentic and transparent.  One that does have time to tell their story.

One that doesn’t see the vendor as its next meal ticket.

And, just in case you’re wondering, our sheepdog pedigree comes with a guarantee.

The best estate agency.

A premium sales price.

Peace of Mind

Or, your money back.

No questions asked.

If choosing the best estate agency seems confusing, get in touch.

We offer a free consultation.  No obligation.

Call us free on 08000 112 678

Or email: [email protected]

Thanks, as always, for reading.





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