Why Estate Agency Needs a Caffé Nero Culture

Why Estate Agency Needs a Caffé Nero Culture

Why estate agency needs a Caffé NERO culture.

Caffé NERO Culture?

The Buck Stops Here.

Addicted as I am to their Flat White and Macchiato, the most impressive things about my local coffee shop?

The message on the wall.  Hidden, unfortunately, behind an easel and some bric á brac.

” Your coffee is in good hands.  At every stage of our coffee’s journey, there is someone at Caffé NERO personally responsible for ensuring it’s as good as it can be.

From the farmers who grow our beans. To the barista’s who tailor each drink.  Our quest for coffee excellence is founded on the skill, effort and dedication of our family. Day in, day out.”

Someone is responsible.  

Music to my ears.

Not for me ‘passing the buck’.

One phrase I could do with never again hearing.  The phrase that grates on every single nerve in my body.

” We’re sorry it happened and we’ve learnt from this and will make sure it never happens again.” Said a spokesperson.

The worst part?  Those actually responsible sit back and let others do their talking.  In charge, but not personally responsible.

Whilst the message on the shop wall may be a cute piece of advertising copy, it got me searching their web site.  And what transpires is evidence to back up that copy.

Have a look for yourself.  www.caffenero.com

Even if you’re not a coffee lover, there’s evidence a plenty that this business finds the time.  To do it right.

“From the beginning, we embraced the values of fairness, decency, warmth, kindness and the pursuit of excellence.”

Values that I share.  And look for in any estate agency.

Those values do exist.  Believe it or not.

And where I find an agency that embraces them, the job is already half done.

The disappointing thing with most estate agencies is their reluctance to share values. A safety first attitude.  Appealing to the broadest customer base.

Which is a little bit like Café Nero selling only Americano.  Nondescript, mediocre and setting the bar so low, it’s hardly worth crossing the street.

Coffee has a vibrancy.  A complexity of flavours from around the globe.  Ethiopia, Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, or Peru.  Take your pick.  From something as unique and well-thought-out as you.

And a coffee shop that goes out of their way to entice and inspire a loyal audience.

Estate agency has a long way to go before it can change the perception homeowners have of them.

Those from an intensive sales culture will do what they do best.

Manipulate.  It’s the equivalent of Nescafé’s three for two promotion.

The alternative is for the agency to tell their unique story.  “From the beginning, we embraced……”

Coffee connoisseurs can be quite evangelical about a particular roast.  It’s free fuel for that brand.  Word of mouth from someone who actually does care.

And when you find an estate agency that meets your strict criteria, like the coffee, it’s a joy.

A joy that some agencies do take that responsibility.  And every step of the process is as good as it can be.

Offer below the asking price?  Negotiate a better deal.

Accompanied viewings?  Absolutely, because homeowners always say the wrong thing.

Professional photography?  Essential ingredient for a premium offer.

Every step of the process is as good as it can be.

Caffé NERO charges a premium price for their coffee.  It’s more than I would like to pay.  But worth every penny.

The hype surrounding cheap fixed-fee estate agency is bad news.

I have nothing good to say about these so-called ‘disruptive’ opportunists.   Those that tell you it’s the same service.

And, the day they tell me to go make my own coffee, or conduct my own viewings.  Then charge me for the privilege, I’m done.

There’s a certain joy to watching performers at the very top of their game.  Whether it’s coffee. Or estate agency.

The writing is on the wall.

Thanks for reading.