They Make It Sound Easy… And Just Hold Their Hand Out.

They Make It Sound Easy… And Just Hold Their Hand Out.


They Make It Sound Easy… And Just Hold Their Hand Out.

….and if you are someone who can’t, or doesn’t want to, think for themselves?

It is easy.

All that’s required from you?

To say, Yes.

Hallelujah.  Another has seen the light.

We’re not talking here about religion.  About the Evangelists that convince and convert.  About those that do your thinking for you.

Offering redemption. The dawn of a new age.

No, this is about the ever-welcome arms of online estate agents and their spin-off brethren.  The hybrid estate agent.

There’s comfort, seemingly, in their obversity.  Full of promise but, it turns out, short on delivery.

Giving the customer whatever they want has been a core principle.  For digital estate agency.

Getting to Yes.

Cheaper estate agency fees?  Yes.

Wider exposure?  Yes.

A quicker sale?  Yes.

Cutting-edge technology?  Yes.

A ‘local’ expert to hold our hand?  Yes.

These disruptors tried to be different from traditional estate agency.

Until they realised.  That wasn’t what vendors wanted.

Now, they are returning to more traditional methods.

“No sale – No fee subsidises those vendors that don’t sell.  Making the fee higher than it needs to be.  Our fee is up-front. That’s why we are cheaper.”

That was the thrust of their argument.  Now they offer that exact same option.

Where’s the congruence?  Where’s the belief in the reach of the internet?  Where’s the U.S.P?

Take away the cheap fees and what’s left?

Some software that allows vendors to do a lot of the work themselves.  How’s that working out?

There now seems a desire for the online and hybrid agencies to ‘muddy the waters’.  Sowing seeds of confusion among vendors.

Instead of making better, what they started.

Some traditional agencies have taken the bait. Set up their own online offering.  If you can’t beat them,  join them.

Fifty Shades of Dim, in my humble opinion.

The easy option.  Being everything to everybody.

Let estate agents take their chances with this risky business model.

Let them play the confusion game.

Homeowners have another option.

“Take the risk of thinking for yourself.  Much more happiness, truth, beauty & wisdom will come to you that way.”

Christopher Hitchens

Thinking for yourself?

When so many people want instant gratification?

‘Fraid so.



The internet has changed society.  We live in a faster world.  But sometimes slow is better.

Choosing your estate agency is one of those times.

If you imagine that choosing your estate agency via the review sites is going to work, think again.  Those ‘vendors’, if they exist, know as little about it as you.

Same goes for our digital competitors that use historical data.

From Land Registry and Rightmove.  To feed their algorithm and come up with the answer.  To which is the best performing estate agency?

Data, though, gets manipulated.  An algorithm works on data.  And not every agency is signed up.

There’s always an easy option wherever you look in this world.

It usually produces shallow, fragmented work.

And for every easy decision, there are consequences.

By all means use Tinder when you’re feeling lonely.  Use Audible to instantly assess the best books.  Open Table for a restaurant booking.

But, as Andy Maslen says:

“What the internet has done is increase the amount of rubbish….. it has given the illiterate and the idiotic equal billing..”

Instant and easy when choosing an estate agency?

Never, ever, a good idea.

Think slow and assiduous.

Great work requires that.

When faced with an easy option, the smarter choice, most times, is not to take it.

Thanks for reading, as always.

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