Short Term Pleasure – Or Long Term Happiness?

Short Term Pleasure – Or Long Term Happiness?

Short Term Hit – or Long Term Happiness?

Fascinating documentary last night on the Colombian Cocaine Threat.  By, of all people, Gordon Ramsay.

As an extraordinary chef, Gordon wanted to uncover the ingredients for this powerful and addictive narcotic. The episode culminated in his trip to the Colombian forests where the Coca plant is illegally grown.

The process, turning the coca leaves into the street drug, is lengthy and made unpleasant viewing:

After the leaves are stripped from the plant, they are shredded and mixed with carbonate salt and a small amount of water. Next ingredient added is cement.

Really? Cement.

It gets worse.

Kerosene or diesel fuel.  After some fermentation, sulphuric/battery acid.

And at the end of this disgusting process, the end result is something that allegedly provides a feeling of euphoria.

The process reminded me of a recent article by Seth Godin entitled The pleasure/happiness gap

Pleasure, he concludes, is short-term, addictive and selfish.  It’s taken, not given.

Happiness, is long-term, addictive and generous. 

It’s giving, not taking.

Seth points out that marketers usually sell pleasure.  That’s a shortcut to easy, repeated revenue.

On the other hand, he says, happiness is something that’s difficult to purchase.  It requires more patience, more planning and more confidence.

The question every homeowner has to ask when selling their home is this:

Am I looking for short-term pleasure, or long-term happiness?


Short-term pleasure.  Let’s just instruct an online estate agency.  Anything from £99 to £999 and we’re good to move.

Problem is that with every choice, there are consequences.

Avoid the shortcut.  We’ve provided a link above.

The consequence of choosing an online agency is that a vendor will probably end up hundreds, if not thousands out-of-pocket.  The valuation, the negotiation, the sales progression.  Especially the progression.

How’s your sale progressing?  Better check down the chain with the online agency.

“What’s a chain” is one of the responses some high-street agents got from a reasonably well-known online call centre.

This is taking. By the agency.  From the vendor.  An utter disregard for the wants and needs of anyone but themselves.

It’s short-term and selfish. On the part of the online agency.

The majority of U.K homeowners can see this.  Which is why take-up of the purely online model has been so dire.

However, just as the majority avoid cocaine, evidence is growing that less harmful drugs are growing in popularity.

The pleasure is less addictive and less expensive.  But the consequences remain.

Less expensive than traditional high-street agencies is the hybrid model.

It’s the estate agency version of marijuana.  Comfortable, socially acceptable in some circles.  Not as addictive.

But corrosive, nevertheless.

The story these online and hybrid estate agents tell is this:  We’re just the same, but cheaper.

Neither of which should bother the homeowner with an inquisitive mind.

The same?  Most people are looking for better.  Not the same.

Cheaper?  Well, there is always someone cheaper.  The latest offering is £99.  And last year, Romford Homes (R.I.P) was offering to sell your home for free.

Homeowners want and need many things when selling their property.  Cheap is well down the list. Sameness is far from inspiring.

Short term pleasure is the domain of the online/hybrid agency.

That doesn’t stop some high-street agencies, though, from trespassing.

Having listened to the whispers from the competition, some short-sighted agencies are following suit.

Adopting a model designed to compete with the online/hybrids of this world.

And one which will see the demise of their traditional high street brand.

As Seth Godin points out, happiness is long-term.

Not a quick fix.

More patience.

More planning.

More confidence.  In your estate agency.

If the thought of ‘saving’ money with your choice of estate agency gives you a moment of pleasure, remember the downside.

Highs and Lows are no way to feel when selling your home.

We’re happy to help you avoid the estate agencies ‘pushing’ their quick fix solutions.

And to find the agencies that give.  Rather than take.

Get in touch on 0800 0112678 or email: [email protected]

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