Nostalgia Is Not What It Used To Be.

Nostalgia Is Not What It Used To Be.

“Nostalgia Is Not What It Used To Be”….and “The Future ain’t what it used to be”.

Attributed, respectively, to author Peter De Vries. and to Yogi Berra..

Selling your home had always been a genteel affair.

Estate Agency, a respected profession.

Always been done that way.

Jon Hunt, founder of Foxtons Estate Agency, had other ideas. And he, nearly single-handed, changed the face of estate agency back in the ’80’s.

Dynamic, aggressive, ruthless, distinctive. And, hugely successful.

The sale of Foxtons, some years later, turned Hunt into a billionaire.

The property boom, especially in London, helped cement Foxtons reputation, but did something far more scary.

It uncovered the nations greed.  As property values ‘hit the roof’.

And, brought into the unregulated industry a shedload of hucksters, charlatans and con men.  Lured, like flies around a jam jar, by the possibilities of duplicating Foxtons success.

Some did very well.  Others, not so.

But one thing they all did was to make the estate agency sector highly competitive.

Politeness and civility in estate agency was truly from a bygone era.

It became a numbers game.

The bigger agencies devoured the smaller. And were, in turn, swallowed up by the cash-rich building societies.  Keen to sell mortgages to the new in-crowd.

Estate agency had changed from a relational to a transactional business.

Business a plenty for every estate agency.

The bandwagon rolled on.

Until, impacted by market forces, it didn’t anymore.

Estate agency has always been a cyclical business.

Whilst the economic downturn may have ethically cleansed the number of ‘rogue’ estate agents, those at the top of their game survived.

Some by fair means. Some foul.

Fast forward to 2017 and whilst the majority of charlatans have disappeared, that ultra-competitive streak remains as strong as ever.

Agencies think nothing of poaching clients from a competitor. Especially during the 14 day cooling off period.

Just this morning, an agency recounted on social media how the owners of a house, on the market with his agency, had been pressured to change agencies.  If they wanted their offer on their ‘dream home’ to be favourably considered.

Agencies think nothing of touting their services to anyone with a warm pulse.  Cold calling, door-knocking, like public begging, is alive and well.

Others think nothing of deliberately over-valuing the property.  Simply to gain the instruction.

Knowing full well that it won’t sell at that price and that the vendor will have to reduce the asking price.  Sooner or later.

They’re ultra-competitive with each other.

It’s often, however, the vendor that loses out.

Kind of makes one hanker after the good old days.


Imagine, though, an estate agency that had all the relational benefits of that bygone age.  An agency that also embraced the technology that is now an essential part of an efficient sales process.

One inescapable fact, though, is that no matter how advanced the technology, selling a home will always be done better by a human being.

An agency that is more real, more human, more personal.  One that can read the emotions of potential buyers. One that can engage, connect and serve.

Do such agencies exist?

Most definitely.

There are some truly outstanding agencies out there.  Just hard to find amid all the noise and half-truths that the internet has spawned.

Some, like Walkers People and Property.  An amazing agency in Chelmsford, Essex, that prefers to ‘fly under the radar’.  Listen to our chat with M.D, Adam Walker on either  iTunes , or  Needle & Haystack. podcasts.

Another top-notch agency is Perry Power,  on iTunes podcast.  Someone who gives the homeowner so much, it’s embarrassing.

There’s still your average estate agency, of course, on every high-street.  But exceptional is what you should be looking for – not average.

Winston Churchill got it right when he said:

“I have simple tastes. I am easily satisfied with the best.”

Not the cheapest.  Not the most expensive.  Not the loudest.

Just the best.

As we never tire of saying, vendors need to ask more questions.

Better questions.

And, to know the answers they are hoping to hear when choosing an estate agency.

It takes time.  It takes an effort.  It requires some knowledge.

And, if the vendor can’t commit to that, it’s a risk.

As estate agency seems intent on becoming more of a commodity, it attracts those that are prepared to cut corners.

To subtract.  Rather than to add.

It’s short-term opportunism and mediocre, at best.

For some, selling a home may be a once-in-a-lifetime-experience.  For others, maybe six or seven times.

Either way, isn’t it worth making sure these few occasions are a joyous experience?

Moving from a home filled with so many memories to one with such exciting possibilities.

It’s times like this when a homeowner needs the very best estate agency on their side.

Better still, someone who knows the challenges that estate agencies face.

If it’s simply impartial, qualified advice on what to look for in a great agency, we’re happy to offer it free.

If you’d like us involved from start to finish, we can manage the entire relationship, on your behalf, with the agency you choose.

It will save you money.  We guarantee it.

But it can turn one of the most stressful of life’s experiences into a pleasure.

Peace of Mind.  You can’t put a price on that.

We’re here to help.

Get in touch either by calling free on 08000 112678, or email [email protected]





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