Looking The Part? Make Sure That’s Not All They’ve Got.

Looking The Part? Make Sure That’s Not All They’ve Got.


Looking the Part?  Make Sure That’s Not All They’ve Got?

I remember back in my dim and distant past. When golf was my game.  A couple of brothers.

Frank and Steven.

They had all the latest, best equipment. Looked the part. Lessons on a regular basis. Pushy parents that made sure they were never ignored.

And then there was David.  A slight boy with an unassuming personality.

And me.

The brothers ability as golfers never quite matched up to the ‘look’.

All show and no go, as they say.

David turned pro.  A few years after me.  And although we never set the Pro Tour alight, we both had our moments.

Frank & Steven?  Disappeared, without trace.

Golf is one of those sports where it’s all to easy to look the part.  Until you have to put your money where your mouth is.

The U.S PGA Tour was no different back in those days.

A Canadian professional that most golfers have never heard of. Didn’t look the part.  Shy doesn’t begin to describe him.  Not the smartest of dressers.  Always with a diet Coke in hand.  A golf swing that only his bank manager could love.

But could this guy play?

Moe Norman was up there with Ben Hogan when it came to natural ability.  Look him up if you’ve never come across his story.  It’s fascinating.

If you had to guess who was the better golfer.  By looking at their dress sense and golf swing, you’d say the majority of the Tour players.

With few exceptions, they weren’t even close.

Estate agency has similarities.

The agents that promise far more than they can deliver.  Those that put growth before profit.

The high-street office in the very heart of town.  The most advertising in the local paper.  The awards, the fleet of liveried minis. The ‘suited and booted’ valuer.  The oh so well-connected M.D that is a figurehead of the local Chamber of Commerce.

On the face of it, pretty impressive.

But are they the best fit?  Can they deliver a premium offer?  Are they all show and no go?

There is a Birmingham estate agent, known to conduct a valuation.  Occasionally, in a track-suit.  He’s at the top of his game.

Another with a ‘shoebox’ sized office in Hall Green who flies under most homeowners radar.  Yet, achieves more and better offers than his more illustrious competitors.

It’s not about the image. It’s about the execution.

Don’t get fooled with the flash T.V ads from the likes of YOPA, Tepilo and PurpleBricks.  All show and no go.

They advertise on T.V because they can.  Mass marketing has no place in estate agency.

Much less marketing that has little, worthwhile, to say.

Seems that this might also apply to some journalists.

We’ve had an article today in The Sunday Times Home by Alexandra Goss.

“How Much Commission Should You Pay.”

“Ask lots of questions” she advises.

Couldn’t agree more.  Make sure, though, that you know what answers to expect.

But on the question of How Much Commission, the article is a lamentable exercise in waffle.  “You should aim for a fee of about 1% + Vat for a sole agency contract” says Paula Higgins, CEO of HomeOwners Alliance.

Our previous posts emphasise that the fee is irrelevant.  Check them out here.

“Set the right asking price” is another sub-heading.

In a nutshell, it advises: do the comparable yourself.

No mention of a sliding scale fee.  One option that almost guarantees to cut deliberate over-valuations.

So what might seem like an authoritative article. In the respected Sunday Times newspaper, turns out to be anything but.

All Show and No Go.

Selling your home isn’t easy.  Despite what the opportunist online agencies and hybrids would have you think.

It requires expertise.  It requires dedication.  It requires character.  And, yes, a certain amount of luck.

Ignore those agencies that rely on image.  Those that have a lot to say about their success. Those that ask you to pay before the work is done.  Those that say they know for sure how long it will take to sell your home.

Find, instead, an agency that you’re comfortable with.  An agency that inspires trust.

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