In Defence of the Indefensible.

In Defence of the Indefensible.

In Defence of the Indefensible.

The most verbally abused person on the planet?

Has to be President of the U.S.A, Donald J. Trump.

Not a day goes by without some C-List Celebrity voicing their opinion on the man.  And his apparent faults.

Stephen Fry, James Corden, Eminem.

A number of vociferous A-Lister’s too.

Alec Baldwin, Lady Gaga, Meryl Streep, J.K Rowling, Robert De Niro, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Lawrence, Richard Gere.

It seems unlikely that we will see Trump presenting an award at The Oscars, anytime soon.

On the flip side, there is some intelligent defence of The President.

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal,  Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric,  Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad,  golfer Jack Nicklaus, Clint Eastwood and Bernie Ecclestone.

My point is this.

Trump has divided opinion.  Like no other.

He has a message.  And it seems that message is designed to disrupt.  Not the Democratic party, but the cosy world of politics.  Once and for all.

His message is not a Republican message.  It is not a Democrat message.

This is Trump, the figurehead, standing against the political elite. Of both sides.

Whilst much of the verbal abuse directed at him is of a personal nature, the bottom-line is that his detractors fear him.

Fear for their careers.  For exposure of their own shortcomings. Fear for change that might rock their boat.  For their very survival.

However, there is additional benefit for these celebrities?


The most sought after currency in the world today.

Look at that list of Celebrities.  Every single one of them craving attention.  Desperate to be perceived as something other than an ‘actor’.

Unfortunately, the acting profession relies heavily on other people’s words.  Original thought is unwelcome.

I doubt a single one of them could debate politics, for a minute, with Trump.

That’s why the attacks are personal.

But why pick on Trump?  Why not J.F. K, a notorious womaniser?

Why not Bill Clinton?

Why not question Hilary’s ethics?

Nobody said a word.  Not then.  Not now.

They are entitled to their opinion.  Of course.

But there was a deafening silence until Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others were ‘outed’.  Then the celebrities jumped on the attention-seeking bandwagon.

What Trump has done, though, is to distance himself from every other politician.

His loyalties to the Republican party are flimsy.

In the U.K,  Nigel Farage is probably the only politician so perceived by the public.

And since politicians are one of the most disliked and mistrusted of professions, distancing oneself from that group also makes sense.

Estate Agents?

Another group so affected by reputation, that it would make sense to disassociate oneself from it.

And yet few agents bother.

They spend an inordinate amount of hours attempting to convince a sceptical public that they, and only they, are different.

More passionate.  More customer focused.  More willing.

The public, however. assume that most of these estate agents are competent.

What troubles them is whether the agency has integrity.  Have they desire to do the right thing.

That’s not easy to demonstrate.

Tied in. however, to integrity is trust.

If a homeowner can find an agency worthy of trust, the integrity comes ready bundled.

And the solution for estate agents is to be more like Donald Trump.

A personal brand.  One that demonstrates an agents character.

They all have one.  Few choose to share it.

For all his faults, President Trump is a master of self-promotion.  He creates awareness.  Even where it’s not required.

His direct, confrontational style may not be to everyone’s liking.  Some of his narrative is borderline offensive.

But that appeals to many with similar qualities.

Me, let it be said.

Estate agencies, by and large, are good at their job.  They are tarnished, by association, with the few rogue agents.

It’s undeserved.

Trump has the answer.

The personal brand.

Time will tell whether the U.K estate agencies choose to be sales people in a sales culture.  Or, individual personalities to whom homeowners can relate.

Just like the elections, it could go either way.

If you need convincing that high-street estate agents really do deserve your respect and trust, get in touch.

We only ever work with the very best agencies.

We trust them.

To make every step of the process as good as it can be.

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