Facebook? Every Last Drop From Your Agency.

Facebook? Every Last Drop From Your Agency.

Facebook? Every Last Drop From Your Agency.

“Why Spend So Much. Time, energy and money creating content that has such short-term value?

Social media platforms offer an incredibly short lifespan – it very quickly loses impact.

The image you shared on Instagram has almost no impact 48 hours later.

The Facebook post you poured your energy into got you some likes, comments and shares.  But less than a day later, it’s buried in the timeline.

Your ‘live’ video might have had some engagement, but a few days later, no one else will ever watch it.

The question you need to ask yourself is why spend so much time, energy and money creating content that has such short-term value.”

From Yaro Starak,  a leading blog writer. www.entrepreneurs-journey.com

Don’t build your house on other people’s land.  Said differently, don’t rely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to grow your business.  It’s short-term.

Instead, own the media.

You’re building Facebook’s brand.  You’re building Twitter’s brand.  You’re building Instagram’s brand.  It’s doing very little for brand YOU.

Facebook is Killing Estate Agency – and Far Worse.  A post I wrote explaining that estate agents conflate ‘likes’ with ‘leads’. And not all ‘leads’ turn into instructions.

The decision-making process is more subtle.

For most vendors anyway.

There are numerous trainers, social media guru’s and ad. agencies out there that will offer to turn any agency into a social media superstar.

How do they evaluate your return on investment?

They use Facebook insights to track and measure performance.  How many ‘likes’.  How much ‘reach’.  The level of ‘engagement’.

Whilst every other estate agency is adding to the noise. Doing the same futile exercise.  As many warm leads into the sales funnel as possible, please.

The gurus will tell you, of course, that it can be highly successful.  Facebook is the largest social network in the world with a whopping 2 billion users.

I don’t doubt it.  Does that mean you should use it?

Try this exercise.

On Facebook, go to Settings and click ‘Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data’.

David West from Birmingham did just that. Here’s what he found.

“I was astonished to find it has all the personal contacts from my mobile phone, which I wrongly thought were private.  I never knowingly agreed to give Facebook access to my phone, but there is a record of every call I made with the date, time, and duration. Printed out, it came to more than 150 pages.”

A veritable Utopia for crooks, charlatans, scammers and Big Brother.

Short-term value from your social media content.  Together with data security risk beyond your control.

The only people who benefit from social media marketing, aside from the social media companies, are the social media consultants.

And then, right on cue.  An email arrived, entitled:  “How to get Vendor leads from Facebook.”

Perfect. Absolutely couldn’t have wished for anything more.

“If you’ve been on my list for a while, you will know that I’m a fan of using Facebook adverts to generate vendor leads.

I mean when you can get leads from as little as 79p why wouldn’t you?”

Well, one of the world’s largest advertisers is threatening to pull its ads if the Tech company doesn’t do more to minimise divisive content. Unilever’s Chief Marketing Officer, Keith Weed, called on Silicon Valley to better police what he describes as a toxic online environment.

The changes to Facebook last year meant that if you wanted to make your posts rank higher in a user’s feed, you had to pay for it.  Studies have shown that pure content will reach around 2% of your fan base.

“Is this the beginning of the end?” Many advertisers are abandoning Facebook, feeling their marketing could be better spent on new ad networks. Even a marketing budget in excess of £400,000 could produce thousands of likes and follows from bots, spammers and scammers.  With no ROI to show for it.

Every last drop.

The email continued:

“In this online course, we teach you how to build your own lead generating Facebook funnel.

We give you the advert copy. We show you how to target your audience.  We give you call scripts.  We even give you email templates……….

Maybe you’ve tried Facebook ads in the past with no results…maybe you haven’t even given it a go yet, which is madness by the way…..”

The advert copy? The call scripts? Email templates?

For starters, for any advert copy to be successful, it needs to come from a professional copywriter. One that knows something about message and delivery.

And call scripts may well be the most damaging form of conversation known to man. Try reading someone else’s thoughts with conviction.

It gets worse.  The online course requires that estate agencies use an automated valuation tool.   So not only is this email fooling the estate agents, it’s also encouraging them to fool the very people who are their lifeblood.

As we said, the only people who make money from Facebook are Facebook and the Facebook consultants.

Every last drop.

If you think Facebook is the answer to lack of leads for any estate agency, you have bigger problems to solve.

Whether it can produce a good return on investment, or not, it is essentially an unregulated advertising platform that distributes your content to people who haven’t always asked for it.

Advertising is fast becoming the scourge of the 21st Century.  Consumers go out of their way to avoid it and where they can’t, it can cause feelings of desire, envy, inadequacy.   All basic emotions that can lead to anxiety and depression.

A book “Lost Connections” by Johann Hari explained it this way.

“When there is pollution in the air that makes us feel worse, we ban the source of the pollution….Advertising is a form of mental pollution.  So there’s an obvious solution. Restrict or ban mental pollution.

This isn’t an abstract idea. It has already been tried in many places.  For example, the city of Sao Paulo, in Brazil was being slowly smothered in billboards.  They covered every possible space – gaudy logos and brands dominated the skyline.  It had made the City look ugly and made the people feel ugly by telling them everywhere they looked that they had to consume.

So in 2007, the City’s government took a bold step.  They banned outdoor advertising.  Everything…..It deemed advertising the PR team, for  companies that makes us feel inadequate and telling us the solution is to spend.”

Banksy, the graffiti artist, is another that abhors advertising.

” People are taking the piss out of you every day. They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at you and then disappear. They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small.  They make flippant comments from buses that imply……”

You get the picture.

There must be a better way.

There is.

Build your platform rather than post short-term content to someone else’s platform.

Own your own media. Build connection in the community.  Rather than annoy and interrupt with Facebook ads and retargeting rubbish.

Do some work that matters, instead.

Your followers (if they exist) and friends on Facebook won’t miss you when your gone.

A blog is the easiest place to start.  All you need is something interesting to say.  If you need advice on how to maximize the return from your efforts, check out the link above to Yaro.

A podcast appeals to those that have little time to read your content.  It can be listened to in the gym.  In the car. Whilst out walking the dog.

Both podcasts and blogs allow you to develop and own your media company.

No censorship of content.  No pay-per-click manipulation. No ad bots liking your posts.

Your media company (front-end), essentially driving traffic to your web site (back-end).

Best of all.

The content isn’t short-term.  It’s not fighting for attention with every other Facebook post.

It is yours.

And if the content is interesting and valuable?  People will be reading and listening to it for years to come.

Your own media company is where you readers and listeners of your content can make a conscious decision to subscribe. It’s where the local community can engage with you.  Even a place where local business may wish to advertise their goods and services.  In effect, producing Zero Paid Media.

All that money, time and effort spent of Facebook posts?  On ads in the local press and social media?  A never-ending cycle of selling confusion. Taking every last drop.

The estate agency sector suffers from a low reputation.   Whether you embrace the digital age, or not, this shameless manipulation of vendors in order to make a ‘fast buck’ does you no favour.

Avoid it like the plague.

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