Episode 26 Adam Walker – Walkers People & Property

Episode 26 Adam Walker – Walkers People & Property

Fascinating conversation with Adam Walker, an agency boss that clearly understands the value of community. 

“There are some big characters in the property world  with strong opinions on many subjects. I rather prefer to fly under the radar and work hard in relative silence, letting my results and referrals make the noise”

In an age when estate agents will often over-promise and sometimes under-deliver, where rapid growth and expansion are perceived to be desirable,  it’s absolutely refreshing to discover an agency that has found their niche and has very clear focus on how best it can meet the needs of the community. No wonder one of the testimonials refers to Adam and his team as ” The House Hero” 

Listen in as we chat with Adam about his business beliefs & values. Hope you enjoy it. We did!


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