We Can Help You.

We provide advice on your choice of estate agency and arrange for three agencies to provide, at your convenience, a listing presentation. We outline the questions that you should most certainly ask of the agencies and the relevance of their answers. We will then review the presentations from each agency and recommend one that we feel will be the most suitable.  The final choice is always yours.

Besides a marketing plan, each estate agency listing presentation will provide you with both a valuation and the proposed estate agency commission. This then becomes our benchmark for future negotiations and we will strive to achieve a better scenario on your behalf. We guarantee to save you money or there will be NO FEE. It is not, however, all about the financial savings. Estate agencies need to be motivated and if they are able to achieve a higher price for your home through better negotiation with the buyer, deservedly they should enjoy a higher commission.

In summary, you will have the confidence of having appointed the best estate agency and will benefit from a cash positive position.

Our aim is to make the sales process as stress free for you as possible and we stay in close contact with that agency to ensure your home receives maximum exposure and that you have no concerns with their performance.