Consistency, or Intensity? Which Estate Agency Should It Be?

Consistency, or Intensity? Which Estate Agency Should It Be?


Consistency, or Intensity?  Which Estate Agency Should It Be?


Inspired, as ever, by Simon Sinek’s YouTube post, it got me thinking.

About other attributes we should look for in any estate agency.

I have talked in the past about character and competence.

Two essentials that every homeowner should consider when choosing the best estate agency.

Competence?  Of course, the majority of agencies can sell your home.

But you need specific competences.  Such as great negotiation skills and thoroughness of execution.

Consistency and Intensity fall under our broad heading of competence.

But which is best?  Can we have both?  Does it matter?

Let’s start with intensity.

“So much more becoming in the young.”   Joanne Woodward.

And it’s true.  The young, thrusting, crush-it estate agent.  Their enthusiasm knows no bounds.

They’re on the way to the very top (with your help) and nothing will stand in their way. Their life is all about hustle and grind.

More likely than not, they’re fans of Gary Vaynerchuk.

There’s a distinct advantage, when selling your home, to this intensity.

The first fortnight that your home is on the market is when it will receive most interest.  Potential buyers will spot your home.  The property portals see to that. Your dynamic agency will expect many a phone call.  Whilst ringing every suitable prospective buyer, or investor.

It is, or should be, a period of intense activity.  If you’re looking for a quick sale, now is when it will happen.

You might imagine that the last thing you need right now is a consistent agency.


A repeatable process.  The right information.  In the right sequence. It has its place.

Higher quality decisions.  Reduced errors and uncertainty.  Deliberation over consequences.  Attention to detail.

But that attention to detail takes time.  And it’s best you know that from the start.

Intensity, though, may not be the obvious answer. 

“Show me a person with three priorities and I will show you a person with none.”

Don’t for one minute imagine that your intense agency has your home as their No.1 priority.  They have other homes.  Other homes that will distract their focus.

Intensity, by its very nature, is finite.  Some days brilliant.  Others, not so much.  Errors might creep in.  The hustle may occasionally wilt.

When two weeks of intense activity are over?

The average number of days required to exchange and complete any home in the U.K is approximately 90.

That intense agency that couldn’t deliver in the first fourteen days.  They now have around 76 days to sell your home. The problem is that after a fortnight, properties become ‘stale’. The potential buyers have come. They have seen.  They weren’t interested.

It now requires creative thinking.  Less hustle.

Are they up for this?  Sales people in a sales culture.  Creativity is not their strong point.  Price reductions are.

The consistent agency, though, has travelled this road.  Many times.

There is a Plan B.

Change the photos.  Change the description. Change the media.

An accumulation of ‘little things’ that make the probability of a sale that much better.

“Consistency trumps intensity; all the time. That intensity is born from consistency.”     Mark Reifkind

So, given a choice.  intensity, or consistency from your estate agency?

As with many things in life, there should be balance.

Away with binary thinking.

It requires consideration of ones circumstances.  Is the next purchase a financial stretch?  Is it going to be a step along the road, or the final step?

The desired outcome. Can you live with an offer below the asking price?  Can you accept a conditional offer?

And the belief in the ability of the agency to deliver that outcome.  Are they on the same wavelength?  Or do you feel – manipulated.

The intense agency is in it for the short run. They may well succeed

The consistent agency for the long run.  There when they’re needed.

You decide. 

Whether intensity suits your circumstances.  Whether consistency is what you’re looking for in an agency.

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Thanks for reading 🙂