“A Common Little Story…But They Had an Emotional Life to Them.”

“A Common Little Story…But They Had an Emotional Life to Them.”

“A common little story…but they had an emotional life to them.”

A remark that caught my attention during a T.V documentary with one of my favourite actor/directors, Clint Eastwood.

Discussing his 2004 film, Million Dollar Baby.

Stories have enjoyed a resurgence of late as people again realise the power of story to move, influence and recollect.

Not just any story, though.

A story that delivers on emotion.

Gary Vaynerchuk

There is an abundance of vocabulary to emphasise every single emotion –  Joy, Relief, Enthusiasm, Fear, Excitement, Longing,

And yet when we look at the traditional estate agency blog, it’s full of facts and information.  The Impact of Brexit on House Prices. The effects of stamp duty changes.  How the budget effects housing and so on and so forth.     A ‘story’ of sorts.  But one lacking a single shred of emotion.

One of my favourite blog posts, from an estate agency, it was their very first attempt at writing.  Back in June 2015.

It recounts the story of a young couple jumping up and down and screaming with excitement at being handed the keys to their very first home.

A common little story … but one with an emotional life to it.

You can almost feel the warm glow of contentment from James.  Nothing to do with the agency having secured a fee from the vendor.  Just delight for the couple.

Part of life’s rich tapestry.  One of the best parts of being an estate agent, for some.

The problem?

Not enough estate agents share such stories.

They might argue that facts and information portray their agency as an ‘authority’.  Guess what?

Every other agency thinks exactly the same.

Zero differentiation.

If a vendor or buyer wants local information, there’s plenty of freely available information everywhere they look.

And if a vendor is undecided, it’s clear that more information won’t help them move off that fence.  It requires emotion.

The creeping use of third-party content-creators is, I believe, one of the reasons there is zero emotion in most agency blogs.

Curated content from anyone not directly connected to the agency must rank simply as lazy and disinterested.

Filling pages with everything remotely relevant to the agency.  But with nothing remotely interesting, or memorable.

Even on social media, it’s rare to encounter a real story.  Other than the awards certificate won recently, the box of chocs left by a satisfied seller or the bottle of bubbly sent by head office for another successful above-target month.

All admirable in themselves.  But God, how boring.

Agencies doing just enough to get by.  Just enough to make it appear they are on message.

But agencies that, in doing so, tell us absolutely nothing about themselves or their business.




“Being compliant with best practice is being complicit with creating commodity work”  – Jay Acunzo.

Estate agency is full of people who want to be heard.  Full of people asking for your attention.

How many agencies truly have something interesting to say?

Something that inspires.

In an age where paid advertising is being challenged as an effective ‘tool’,  the story that any estate agency tells, over a period of time, provides more insight into that agency than anything else.

Spend millions on uninspiring  T.V ads and I will forget.  Tell me a story with emotion. One that I will never forget.

It requires an agency with some creative thought and a genuine desire to connect with potential clients.  Not an agency that prefers to manipulate the sales process for their own benefit.

Next time you’re looking for an outstanding agency, take a quick read of their blog page.

If it’s full of statistics and information, that signifies to me an agency that is unwilling to share their beliefs and values.

A story or two?

Great.  Does it move you to act?

If not, keep searching.  Estate agency will eventually catch up with this three-thousand-year old art form.

It might even change the public perception of those stereotypes.

Of course, we’re happy to help you select the very best storytelling agency.  One that’s on your wavelength.

Drop us an email to [email protected]

Or phone on 07875141436.


Common little stories … one’s with emotion.  The best film-makers understand the power of story.  And the importance of emotion.

Thanks for reading, as always.










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