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Episode 35 – Philip Tottenham –  Aubrey & Finn Estate Agents, St.Albans, Herts.

"A theatre for someone's life...."

Be in no doubt, photos sell homes. First impressions last.

If the images any agency create are less than favourable, it's always going to be a struggle.

Our guest today, Philip Tottenham, had an early career in photography. "Enthusiastic to the point of O.C.D " is how he frames his passion for photography.

Photos have to present a true reflection of a home and bring the property to life.

"It's important to me that I 'get' what makes this such a beautiful home".

Rightmove and Zoopla are littered with examples of agencies that care little for the image. It is vitally important. As is much of the work that goes unseen in high-street estate agency.

The more I listened to this episode, the more detail I uncovered. About the agency. About our guest.

I hope you enjoy

Episode 34: Perry Power – Power Bespoke Estate Agency, Reigate, Surrey

Doing what you say you're going to do. Not always easy. There's plenty of distractions and inducements to move any estate agency away from that intent. But, it is important. Especially in the world of estate agency. Where vendors have a tendency to rely on what any agent says, as 'gospel'.

Perry Power has six core values. One of which is Tenacity. They do what they say they're going to do. Very impressively.

Listen out for the other values. If they match, this is the agency for you.

Our chat with Perry brought up some interesting viewpoints. He, somewhat surprisingly, welcomed the advent of 'call-centre' estate agencies, for no other reason than it has shaken-up the complacent model that existed for so long.

A forward-thinking estate agency, in every sense. Highly deserving of the 'raving fans' that spread the word.

We hope you enjoy this episode. As much as we did.

Episode 33: Neil Sloam – Kinleigh, Folk‎ & Hayward, Holland Park, London

Neil is a twenty-year-experience estate agent with the Holland Park branch of KFH, London. In this episode, we feature that all too rare commodity with estate agents and vendors - TRUST.

The two equal parts of trust, according to Stephen Covey, in his book, The Speed of Trust, are that of Character and Competenece.  Most estate agents rely on competence, together with valuation and fee to win trust from the vendor.  It requires more.  It requires character.

It's 'old school'.  But, important.  People buy from people they know like and trust.  Listen in and see if you agree. Estate agents either have both. Or, they struggle to gain trust.

Episode 32: Donald Collins – GoViewLondon, Ealing W5

There are so many things that can wrong in the sales process. Anyone that has ever sold their home will understand that it's not an easy business and that it requires an estate agency with not just the experience to foresee problems that might arise, but one with the determination and commitment to do the best job possible. For many estate agents, this can involve asking the vendor to reduce the asking price. Said differently, make the estate agents' job easier. There are, however, some great estate agencies that shine when things get tough. As they say; " When things get tough, the tough get going".

We hope you enjoy this episode with Donald Collins of Ealing estate agency, GoViewLondon. An agency that is committed.


Episode 31:  Joe Newton – Walton & Allen, Nottingham

"Off the bench - and he scores!!"  Joe Newton, from Nottingham estate agency, Walton & Allen, was a last minute substitute for Director, Phil Williams. As a Valuer for their 4 branches, Joe is the agent most Nottingham homeowners meet when they ask his agency to appraise their home.

Here's a great opportunity to find out more about Joe before you make that phone call. An estate agent that sets the bar high and constantly tries to deliver the result. 

Walton & Allen are truly a "forward thinking agency". Their technology is cutting-edge, but they haven't lost sight of the fact that it's a people-driven business.  I'm a big fan.

Listen in, look at their web site and see if you agree.


Episode 30: Simon Stone – Unique Property Company, London W1

In this episode we chat to Simon Stone, director at Unique Property Company.  If you have a property that is rather unusual, that you love for its uniqueness, then it makes sense to use an estate agency that specialises in those sort of properties. The buyers this agency attracts are looking for exactly that type of property and Simon aims to connect buyers and vendors in a shared vision of what's best in these stunning properties. 

Listen in as Simon explains his passion for architecture and the owners that have been down that road. It is, in my opinion, a great agency. Or, Simon's take on it; "Normal people just trying to do the best job we can". See what you think.

Episode 29: Carl Hemming – Ginger Property, Balsall Common.

As we chatted to Carl about his ambitions and strategy for making a difference to the Balsall Common community, it became clear that in our search for U.K best estate agents, it wasn't just about the years of experience or about the size of the business.  It was about the detail and the depth of the service that all great agents offer.

Make no mistake. Every estate agent can and will sell your home. Some will charge less than others, but more important, is that the agency chosen has taken the time and effort to ask, of potential buyers, the follow-up questions. Those are the ones that result in better answers.

This depth of attention and service isn't available everywhere  

Listen in to Carl's story. It's about deep work.

Episode 28: Selling via Auction? Think Hard Before You Do.

Art, Cars, Antiques, Commercial Buildings and Books are just a few of the items traditionally sold at auctions.  Residential property less so. And for good reason. Selling your home via a property auction can seriously damage your wealth.

It's a minefield and despite some estate agents recommending this method to get you a quick sale at a 'fair' price, if you don't know the pitfalls, it can be a poor choice.

Listen in as we discuss why some estate agents are promoting the 'modern-method' of auction. But, remember, in any sales transaction, there will be winners and losers. Just make sure you are on the right side.

Episode 27 Why Homeowners Should Avoid Selling through Open-House.

The real reason many estate agencies are keen to get vendors offering "Open-House" viewings to buyers. What agencies claim are the advantages and what, more often than not, happens at these events can be miles apart. We explore how successful they are and give you the facts.  Have you had your home on the market and were persuaded to use the "Open-House" sales programme? Let us know your experiences, good or bad.

Episode 26 Adam Walker – Walkers People & Property

Fascinating conversation with Adam Walker, an agency boss that clearly understands the value of community. 

"There are some big characters in the property world  with strong opinions on many subjects. I rather prefer to fly under the radar and work hard in relative silence, letting my results and referrals make the noise"

In an age when estate agents will often over-promise and sometimes under-deliver, where rapid growth and expansion are perceived to be desirable,  it's absolutely refreshing to discover an agency that has found their niche and has very clear focus on how best it can meet the needs of the community. No wonder one of the testimonials refers to Adam and his team as " The House Hero" 

Listen in as we chat with Adam about his business beliefs & values. Hope you enjoy it. We did!


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