Black Friday for Estate Agency.

Black Friday for Estate Agency.

Black Friday for estate agency.

Have you joined the rush to buy online ?

Or do you prefer the real thing?

If you are a homeowner looking to move in the coming months, you’ll need an estate agency.

A good one.

Buyers tend to hibernate in the run-up to Christmas.

Unlike the shops where a heavy throng gets excitedly to work.

With Amazon and other online retailers, though, it’s never about the human experience.  Or the emotion of becoming immersed in something that makes you feel good.

It’s generally about convenience and, probably about price.

Which is why online retailers tempt you with offers that appeal to your basic need for those two things.

Convenience, however, is not something that any vendor needs when selling their home.

Or buyers need when searching for their ideal home.

Those grasping estate agencies, such as PurpleBricks, Emoov and YOPA that advertise 24/7 availability do so because they have very little else to offer by way of differentiation.

Not a superior service.  Check out the reviews on

Not superior market intelligence.

Most can’t even provide an accurate valuation without recourse to algorithms.

Not superior communication.

Many of the offerings are D.I.Y.

Convenience doesn’t work when selling.

What they can offer, though, is a cheaper price to provide the service.

But if the service isn’t as good as the high street estate agency, and in most cases it’s not, the end result can be a financial loss running into thousands.

Just like Black Friday sales promotions, price reductions feature heavily.  Persuading shoppers they are getting a bargain.

Estate agents aren’t immune from this very same manipulative tactic.

It’s a desperate ploy.  From agents that see their fee as their main selling point.

But as everyone knows, there will always be someone cheaper.

In this instance, the £99 fixed fee agency,, are offering to sell your home from just £1.

Today only.

Why would any vendor use online agency eMoov and pay £795?  When they can get their home sold via Doorsteps for £1.

Well, for the very same reason that any vendor would use a great high-street agency rather than eMoov.

The fee, Black Friday or not, has so very little to do with what’s on offer.

The truly great high-street estate agents turn your selling experience into something special.

The question that needs asking this Black Friday is not how much are your agency fees, but how are you going to make me feel.

Before, during and after my home has sold.

The digital world eliminates the barriers of space.  Supposedly enhancing our ability to make a ‘connection’.

Turns out most of those ‘connections’ aren’t worth the price you pay.

Thankfully, the vast majority of homeowners (95%) understand that the high-street agency is still best when selling your home.

Just like the shops on Black Friday, it’s a better experience.

If you have any questions, or comments, we’re happy to hear them.  Drop us an email at:

[email protected] or phone free on 08000 112 678

Thanks for reading and shop ’till you drop, my friends.











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